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All the Colors of the Rainbow Part 2

In the last part of this article, we talked about how different talents can be used to praise God.

This time, we’re going to talk about something different.


Perhaps you know the feeling of being uncomfortable with your own personality, with who you are. You feel like a servant of God wouldn’t be as wimpy as you are. A servant of God wouldn’t be as bold as you are.

First of all—we aren’t perfect, no. But those whispers?

Are those really of God?

God not only gave us talents to serve Him, but also gave us spirits. He gave us personalities. Differences. Struggles.

In the Pursuit of Holiness, the author spoke of his struggle with those voices of insecurity. One thing that helped him was singing hymns about God’s redeeming grace.

So sin is part of us, yes, and we aren’t perfect. But believing that God created us, we have to believe that He has a purpose for every part of us that we don’t even like—that all those little things connect to his big plan.

Let’s pretend you had PTSD, and went to a counseling session about PTSD. There you might meet another Christian with the same problem, and you could become great friends and strengthen each other in the faith. This is one of the wondrous ways God works. Perhaps you wouldn’t like the fact that you are weak, that you had this problem, but God still uses it. In better ways than we can imagine.

So instead of listening to Satan’s lies about yourself, instead of giving up, remind yourself that God has a greater purpose for you.

God created you.

With everything that you have, both what you like and what you don’t.

And besides, if everyone had the monotonous same personality, no different flaws, no imperfections—where would the complexity and beauty be? How would we be able to appreciate Heaven, if we were already perfect?

Every personality shows something different about God. Every person displays different qualities of God, because we are created, not just by Him, but in His image.

Together, we mirror the God of the universe.

2 thoughts on “All the Colors of the Rainbow Part 2”

  1. Another lovely post! This is so true, and just moves me! It’s really hard not to listen to those voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough. . . It’s a struggle to remember that God created me specifically for something no one else can do; that despite all my flaws, He has a greater plan than anything I could ever have imagined. This was so inspirational!

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