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Seven Things I’m Thankful For In Fall

So maybe all this fall stuff is overrated. Still, fall is becoming one of my favorite seasons, and here are a few things I'm thankful about for it. 

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How to NOT annoy your schoolwork partner

If we all treated others how we wanted to be treated, things like this would probably go a *lot* easier. So here's some advice from an annoyed student on how to ensure that YOUR schoolwork partner will not be that annoyed. xP.

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Waiting on Love

The number one thing that I see so many people—every person, really—desire above all else is love. Deep within us, we know we're not meant to be alone. Deep within us, we desire the love and affirmation of a person—sometimes any person. Ever wonder (annoyed) why almost all pop songs are about love? That's because… Continue reading Waiting on Love