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All the Colors of the Rainbow: (Part One)

In Revelations, it speaks of every tribe and tongue praising God. That means every different person from every different place.

Which sounds beautiful, right?

I didn’t think so. For me back then, there are more fun things to do than praising God. (Yes—I am very ashamed).

But as I grew, I came to realize that things that I liked to do could be used for praising

We don’t just have to praise God through gospel music.

Often, we separate our work or our talents from God and just think of them as fun things or temporary jobs that we enjoy. However, that’s not how God wants us to think of it.

God. Created. You.

You were born because He knew you and willed for you to exist (John 1).

You were born, not of flesh nor of blood nor of the will of man, but of God.

Which means that you’re not just flesh yourself. You’re not just a body, a brain, and a set of hormones (although those things are pretty amazing and praise him). But God wants to be praised in more than only the way He created you; you can use your talents to praise Him!

But, you might think, I’m a writer. Or a dancer. Or a fashion model.

Those aren’t Christian jobs.

How can I praise God through them?

First: pray. He will direct you in the way that He desires you to praise Him.

Are you a writer? Then write about broken people. Broken places. A broken world. Know people, and tell the truth about them, so that you can help them; to make them think that there is beyond pain and suffering, that through every bad thing, there is something good, for God is good, and no goodness can exist outside of him.

Are you a dancer?An athlete? Dance for Jesus! Do every job you have as if for Him and not men. Overcome the odds. Ask Him for strength, for from Him comes strength, the strength you need.

Are you a fashion model? Praise God by being a light. By kindness to all. In that industry, there is a lot of suffering, but you have a chance to share His love with the people who need it most: the poor in Spirit. By staying firm to what He says; by not compromising; by putting Him above the world and in doing that, you can reach an audience who may have never before seen that kind of firmness in God, that kind of strange individuality and refusal to submit to evil.

Through every hobby, talent, or career, there are ways to praise God, because God gave you the talent in the first place, and the opportunity to do it.

There is no good thing outside of God, so stop worrying about whether or not you have a “Christian” job.

Praising God isn’t just for church.

3 thoughts on “All the Colors of the Rainbow: (Part One)”

  1. Your blog posts have been some of the most emotional and motivational for me today; I’m so glad I sat down to read these. Your writing is beautiful, and it speaks a simple truth in a refreshing, bright way. Reading your writing is like reading light (that’s the best way I can describe it). This reminds me that I shouldn’t separate God from anything I do, but instead to find ways to glorify Him through my daily actions. Lovely post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank. You. So. Much!! That’s the most I can hope to do. I mean, I definitely need to remember that in real life :PP it goes for me too. I wish I had the same way of being funny and awesome and relatable that you do, though 😉


      1. I think we all do; remembering to glorify God can be one of the most difficult, challenging, and ambitious aspects of Christianity. It’s a foreign concept to non-believers and sometimes earns strange looks from fellow peers. lol Aww, well, I am sure you’ll master a style of writing that’s all your own; your voice is beautiful because it’s yours. Happy writing!

        Liked by 1 person

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