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Why I am NOT a feminist in the 21st century

Scrolling down my reader, one article popped out to me:

Why I am a feminist in the 21st century.

Interestingly, my biggest problem with feminism is that it’s the 21st century. If it wasn’t the 21st century, I might be a feminist. Back then, there was really injustice. And now, there is still injustice. But my problem with feminism?

Feminism does not fight today’s injustice.

Here are some reasons why I am not feminist.

Taking the “feminine” out of “feminism.” Yes, we’re female. But why does every feminist insist on acting like a male? I think Wonder Woman was a perfect example of feminine. She was strong, as we all should be, but also had compassion and sympathy for children and the vulnerable.

Does a woman really have to be a rich powerful executive to be valued? A lot of the way feminists view the world seems to be through material gain. If you want to be an executive, go for it. But using your status as “female” and “minority” is injustice. It’s not right to get a higher position just because you’re a female.

Stop using your skin color/sexuality/gender for monetary and power advantage. It’s unfair. And if feminism claims to champion fairness and equality, why is it okay to use something you can’t really help as leverage over another person?

Are you really qualified for that position if you try to use unfair advantages?

Abortion. This is a major issue. Whenever I try to bring this up, it’s always a chorus of “But what about rape?” What feminism doesn’t seem to be doing is taking active steps to prevent rape before it happens. Somehow, I don’t think killing children is going to solve the rape issue. So if you’re going to bring up the rape issue, why don’t we talk about how to prevent it instead of how to get rid of a child (who, by the way, didn’t decide to exist?)

How “feminists” objectualize themselves…Nicki Minaj is a self proclaimed feminist. Yet her videos are basically porn. And porn watchers are usually male. Which means that she’s trying to appeal to a male audience getting males to objectify females and want to rape them…

The “women only make 77 cents per every dollar a man makes” is simply because women choose lower paying jobs. I am NOT going to be forced into the little grid of rich and powerful executive feminism wants me in. I get to choose. Isn’t that what feminism (was) all about? The power to choose? What if we choose lower paying jobs?

Instead of celebrating “equal rights” and “feminism”, which have root in human pride, why don’t we teach society and culture to value things that Wonder Woman valued—love, compassion, kindness, intelligence—not fleshly sin and pleasure and guilt and selfishness? Because truly, it does seem that feminism is in a way rooted in selfishness.

The mindset that I deserve, I deserve, I deserve to do whatever I want and get the best of everything.

In third world countries, where women are treated like property (which, I note, are mainly Muslim countries) there does need to be feminism, or, to use the less tainted term, justice. And most of all, there needs to be Christ.

Before you decide to believe whatever the culture feeds you, stop and think for yourself whether this belief is really a good or even reasonable thing.

Don’t go with the flow.

8 thoughts on “Why I am NOT a feminist in the 21st century”

  1. I think this whole feminist look has gone a little too far. There’s just a line where, when crossed, things just get annoying and you lose the respect you wanted so desperately in the first place by signing up to feminism. I’m all for equality and all that, but dignity is pretty important too and I think too many people have forgotten about that. Great post! xx

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  2. Excellent post! I love how you used Wonder Woman in there; brilliant! Especially because feminists were making a big to-do about her and then they got angry because she “wasn’t feminist enough”. I think they were angry because Wonder Woman was so unlike them; she’s as you described: graceful, compassionate, living, etc. She’s not here to be a feminist, but a woman. This was a brilliantly written post with acute attention to details that are often overlooked! Feminists definitely leave their dignity in the dust, this was a brilliant post! Brava and a round of applause!

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