I’m Priscilla, the wanderer behind these thoughts.
Shouldn’t writing about yourself be easy? I mean, every time you talk to someone chances are they love talking about themselves. But for me I either have to filter or spew, so i’m going to just spew some random facts about myself.
-I believe in AR-15s for (mostly) everyone.
-Rabid conservative. Don’t get me started on that 😛 But don’t worry. I don’t plan to do too many political posts for those of you who don’t like that stuff. Just, if you meet me IRL….be prepared.
-Proud Slytherin 😉 #slytherinpride #potterhead
-Yes, I’m an ENTJ. No, we are not MEAN. We’re just misunderstood.
-That said I can be snarky. Just stick up for yourself and you’ll be fine.
-I’m so patriotic to Ireland, I feel like a bad American. I LOVE Ireland. My last name is Irish (ironically, it means wanderer) and almost all my dad’s side of the family is from Ireland AND Ireland is really cool. Name the word Ireland and I will spew, and I mean spew, everything I know.  If you don’t think this is spewing, you haven’t heard me talk about Ireland yet. IRELAND IS SO AWESOME

if you value your sanity don’t get me started on it
So as you can see already, I’m a bit of a mess. BUT that’s okay, because I’m saved by Jesus’s grace and He is making me new! And He can save you, too ❤
Since I love talking about deep things, this is my (online) journal (yes, excellent idea, I know) where I can write about the musings that are too deep to talk about around normal people (I mean, WHY. Are. People. Never. Interested. In. DEEP. Conversations!?) So if you like deep things and truth and morality and whatever, feel free to follow…