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staying organized

I have a confession. I am not organized.

In my mind are visions of perfectly organized notebooks, assignments, writing templates, schedules–but that never becomes a reality.

Sometimes, however, we have to be organized. It’s not an option not to be organized. The number one reason I procrastinate and don’t stay organized is probably because I’m…lazy. Like, it’s all that work to have to go all the way through my binder and throw out papers and label dividers and categorize assignments…

Interestingly, however, I notice that when I’m organized, I’m motivated. When I’m not organized, I’m depressed and unmotivated. So here are some of my lifesavers for staying organized.

Paper clips. Yes, I know it sounds unimaginable. A tiny paper clip can be SO WONDERFUL. Honestly, how much awesomeness is contained in the wires of one paper clip? They’re small, cheap, and really useful in terms of holding together papers and notecards for assignments. For instance, if I have a bunch of history notecards, I’ll use a paperclip to hold them together, and then another paperclip for my science notecards, and another paper clip for my literature notecards…Stop laughing at me. It is simple, but SO helpful.

Stapler. I’m obsessive about having everything categorized, stereotyped, and bound together. Staples help with this. Don’t be too staple happy though, because then sometimes you have to pick the staple out of the papers and it ruins stuff…

HIGHLIGHTERS. I’m serious. I LOVE HIGHLIGHTERS. Do not enter a school year without having highlighters by your side. Color code things, emphasize things, organize things–even if you’re already almost done with the semester, it’s not too late. Stock up on highlighters.

Binder clips are like the more heavy duty version of paper clips. Like if you’ve got a thick wad of papers for a single subject to turn in, binder clips are your best friend for keeping everything together. They REALLY hold stuff together. And you don’t have to pick it off the paper like staples.

5-Subject-Divider-Things <<clearly, I’m the most organized person ever. My aunt introduced me to those, and they THE. BEST. EVER. It feels so professional and organized to have neat little divider things separating all the different categories of assignments.

Sheet protectors. What I did with all my hard work past assignments was dumped them in sheet protectors and saved them. I’m going to organize them into different categories of science, literature, history, ect.

As you can see, I’m clearly an authority on organization. Not. But everyone’s organized looks different, and these were some things that helped me–so if you’re on a mission to be organized, try some of it out! It might help you too 🙂



2 thoughts on “staying organized”

  1. Happy to see this. You certainly have figured out some amazing ways to organize. Also, you are so RIGHT about paperclips. Very useful.

    The only suggestion I would make is that a plastic cup full of extra pens and pencils (and highlighters) has been so helpful. I am constantly in need of a pencil while at home, and if I need one it’s just sitting right there. Hope this helps someone today, like this article helped me. 😊

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