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thankful in November

Here’s this month’s #seasonalpost! A few bright things about the month of November. (Doing this as part of a challenge for my Facebook group, Blogging Enthusiasts. )

First of all, one of my favorite things about November is the name. Seriously. Who wouldn’t like the sound of the name November? So beautiful…

Watching leaves fall. In Tennessee, the trees have only JUST started to turn color. There’s this interesting streak of golden yellow climbing up the leaves of a tree behind my house. Half the tree is yellow and half is still green.

Gray days. I know this seems depressing to most people, but I find joy in cozy, cold gray days that are a part of November.

Frost. Even though it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to hack off all the ice from the car, it’s cool to see the spiny designs of frost threading all over ordinary objects. And to look out and see the white sheen of frost on every roof and yard and street. Like a mini snow.

New Bible reading plan! If you’re wandering and aimless about Bible reading (like me :P), this beautifully decorated Little Faith Bible Plan will lift your spirits and inspire you to read the Bible.

Clear night skies.

A bag full of Halloween candy.

Reading entertaining movie reviews;)

Christmas—and Christmas break!–are one month away! That pretty much makes up for end of semester exams and dreariness.

Thanksgiving coming up. So only fit that I should say stuff I’m thankful for, right?

What are your favorite things about November?


4 thoughts on “thankful in November”

      1. Yes, I definitely am! It’s just slow in coming! I’ve been writing out drafts! I wanted to get something posted tonight (sunday night) but nothing’s come of it; simply been to busy, sadly. Hopefully on Monday or Tuesday, though!

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