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Author Interview!! –The Light

The Light Blog Tour


Today we’re interviewing author Chloe Haddasah on her new book. The Light. 

Hey! Thanks for letting me interview you. Can you tell us a bit about yourself (hobbies, interests, unique facts?)

Of course! I’m happy to have you along on the blog tour! Okay, a little bit about myself: I love on a farm and I am the fifth child in a family of twelve children! I love Jesus have dedicated my life to doing what He has called me to do, which I believe is to honor Him through film-making and singing. I also enjoy YouTubing, writing, blogging and making people laugh!

Filmaking and singing is awesome! I’ll definitely need to check out your channel. And twelve children!?? That’s AMAZING!! Wow. Well, you have a new book coming out on November 9—what’s it about?

Yes, my first publishing book is releasing November 9th! This book is about not being afraid to shine forth for Jesus, to be a light for Him. And about how it doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone, there is always a way out through Jesus, and all you have to do is accept His forgiveness and love.

That’s a great message. What inspired you to write it, and what motivated you to finish it to the end?

Well, I reckon that I can safely say that my sister inspired me to write it. Whenever God gave me a story and I would tell it to her, I always had the people being completely perfect, but my sister kept telling me that everyone wasn’t perfect, that people did make mistakes. So I wanted to write a book that showed how it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, that Jesus still loves you and when you come to Him and ask for forgiveness, then you are as clean and forgiven as the next person!

I suppose Jesus is the one who motivated me to finish it! And the fact that I really felt led to publish it.

That’s wonderful! GREAT story. What was the hardest part about writing The Light?

Hmmm…that’s a tough question! I guess the hardest thing about writing it would be trying to include everything that I wanted to say, and at the same time making sure it all flowed together. And there were a few parts that were a little uncomfortable for me to write, but…God got me there!

Hmm. Yep, I’d say a lot of writers struggle with that…so what are three things you associate with your book? 🙂

Well…feelings of unworthiness, needing courage to step out and share Christ with people and needing to remember to pray first instead of worrying about what is wrong.

YES. So true. It’s so hard to keep that in mind, and so wonderful your book is a reminder to us of that!–especially about courage and praying. Is this your first book?

No, I’ve written almost ten books but this is my first published one (with hopefully more to come!)

XD 10?! At least you’ve had a *ton* of practice. But, PUBLISHED!!! That’s so special! Now, why should one purchase your book? 😉

I hope that people would buy it because they want to find encouragement that they are loved and forgiven! Or maybe just because you’re curious about the book!

Oh yes. What message do you want readers to take from the book? 🙂

I hope that they will have no doubt that God wants them and loves them deeply, and that they are beautiful and through Jesus’ sacrifice, they are worthy of His love and forgiveness!

Aww that’s so encouraging! Well, any advice for aspiring authors?

I’m not sure how good I am at giving advice! But I would encourage you to first, make sure that this is what God wants you to do. And second, when God tells you what to write, no matter what it is, don’t be afraid to write it!

Amen. I’m really inspired about how much you trusted God with your work and how He guided you through this project. When did you know that The Light was going to be a real commitment and you were going to finish it to the end?

When I first wanted to publish, I was going to publish the first book that I had ever written, Home Is Where The Heart Is. But during Church one day, I felt really led to finish writing The Light (then a different name), that I had started to write a while back but had basically dropped the process. I felt really strong about finishing and publishing it and confident so I did! So I reckon in Church was the start of the commitment to finish it.

Amazing. I didn’t expect an answer like that! Now THAT is inspirational. Wow. Now, last question–why did you choose to title the book what you titled it? Is a title an important thing for writers to focus on, or was it more something you more put off till the end?;P

I first named the book Standing Out, but after I once again started writing it, I didn’t feel that name was right for it. A little while later God then gave me the title The Light. I think that title is an important part to any book, and it needs to be something that will grab people’s attention but also be truthful to what the book is about. I reckon whenever you get the title to your book-whether at the end or beginning-is fine! It might be helpful to others to have the title at the beginning to writing so you can refer to the title when talking about it!

Very true. Even like a sort of “draft” title. And even the story of your title is amazing! This is a unique book. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks so much for being such an awesome person to interview, and I hope to do this again soon! Keep writing!

Want to see more of Chloe’s work?

Website- https://givegodtheglory.weebly.com/

Blog- http://heresclo.blogspot.com/

Instagram author account- @jesuswriting
Chloe Hadassah is a Christian gal who strives to live for her Jesus. This is her first published book and the hopes it touches those who read it! God Bless! 


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  1. I absolutely LOVED this post, Chloe! I learned so much more about The Light, and now I am ever more excited about it (if that’s possible)!!!! 😀

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