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Before I forget, I want to remember what last Sunday’s sermon was on. I don’t have my notes, but from memory, the pastor went through Proverbs 14. He outlined how the path of fearing God involves work, humble speech, and good company.

The idea of housebuilding comes from 14:1: “The wisest of women builds her own house.” The easiest way to interpret it is literal: The woman does a construction project. She is building a house. It reminds me of the daughters who helped repair the Jeshanah Gate (Neh. 3) and Sheerah, who built 2 cities? (1 Chron 7:24).
Ironically, the message came at a time where I consider building and renovating my own house. The house my family lives in now has many opportunities to renovate: two bathrooms, a tree removal, retiling, staining the exterior, and building an apartment are just a few of the things on my mind. However, just as I look forward to the building I will do on my house, I can be encouraged that the way of wisdom means constant building–for my life as well as the house. Simple work is so valuable for us as humans. The unhappiest people I know don’t work or don’t like their work.

humble speech
Of course, one aspect of this is honesty: but another part is 14:3. “The proud speech of a fool brings a rod to his back.” Our words should build people up and not tear them down. We should not lie about others. And we shouldn’t speak pridefully.

good company
I believe this means Proverbs 14:7: “Stay away from a foolish man; you will gain no knowledge from his speech.” Words are important, and what people say to you matters. Another reason why we should look for honesty and humility in others’ speech as well as our own.

what do you think of these qualities? Have you ever thought about these sides of Christian life?


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