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Avoid Deception

Now that I'm on the subject of 20, I remember a lesson: Don't believe deceptions. My biggest regrets trace back to the times I believed deceptions. Or even when I didn't believe deceptions, but didn't know how to avoid them. The Book of Revelation, interestingly, has something to say about deceptions. The Beast out of… Continue reading Avoid Deception

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who will you die for?

Revelation helps us remember that everyone dies. The question is, for whom will you die? Reading Revelation is like watching a back and forth -- a war between two armies. In the first half, creatures are unleashed on nonbelievers: "They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And… Continue reading who will you die for?

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Before I forget, I want to remember what last Sunday's sermon was on. I don't have my notes, but from memory, the pastor went through Proverbs 14. He outlined how the path of fearing God involves work, humble speech, and good company. work The idea of housebuilding comes from 14:1: "The wisest of women builds… Continue reading housebuilding

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False Prophets

Here is a topic I've needed to learn about for a long time. In Ezekiel (and before then), false prophets plague Israel. While God tries to warn the Israelites about the dire consequences of their actions, false prophets appear who convince the Israelites that there's no real problem--God actually just wants all good things for… Continue reading False Prophets