#stayinspired, Christian, life

elegy for a house

house, whose blue walls
have seen so many pleasures, games, desires
will you remain as blue
as the day we came?
when we came, you were not ours,
nor will you be Ours when we leave.

but on a gray day, you were a blessing, a
place that we prayed for. the tenants still lived within and i knew
you were It.

now you are not it, but who is?
is there any way
another answered prayer awaits?

This was written to commemorate a house which I must move out of. My family has moved many times. We’ve seen wonderful miracles. One is the house we must move from. When we first moved, our house was full of mold and breaking down. Unbelievably, a house down the road–not even listed for rent–opened up for us to live in. When we got a 30 day notice on that house, our current house–not even 5 minutes away–appeared down the road. It was a wonderful house because I knew when we drove through that it was the one for us. Kids played in the street. The tenants still lived in it. It didn’t seem empty, like a place that could ever be ours, and it was never ours. But like a game of tag, it was “It” for a while. it’s hard to have faith that God could do it again–that he could give us just as good a house or better. I confess that I’m tired of wandering and not knowing where to be safe and where the next roof will be. Still, in Jesus’s name (who is worthy when I am not), I will have full faith that God is going to provide our next house.

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