Hello! This will be a short article because I’m trying to figure out WORDPRESS on my tablet. Why am I on my tablet?

I was looking at the blog of my friend LivGirl and on her article Jesus Loves…Me?

There was one profile which liked it. I clicked on the gravatar, then on the “Official Website”.

It was a virus.

I watched as it downloaded and my screen froze, a message saying my computer had been hacked flashed in front of me. I tried to move the mouse. I could not.

Do NOT go anywhere near it. Is there a way this profile can be reported? PLEASE REPORT IT if there is a way to do so.

(This also means that I will be posting a lot less soon.) It is truly amazing how clever these hackers are. Be VERY careful.


6 thoughts on “Alert: HACKER ON WORDPRESS”

  1. Oh wow, thanks for the warning! I sometimes click on people’s avatars to see their profiles, too, but I guess I won’t be doing much of that any time soon.

    I hope you’ll get your computer back up and running as usual, soon!


  2. Reblogged this on LivForHim and commented:
    I am not a hacker, but the person aside from Doran Creations who liked that particular post is. Stay away from them, and, if you can, report them!


  3. Yeah, I’m still sad this happened… I had no idea that guy was a hacker! Unfortunately, IDK how to report or block them on here; if I did, I would… T_T


      1. It’s OK! We can always text or phone call, and if you can message me through FB, we can do a videochat through your tablet! 😉 I used to do that with my own tablet, y’know!

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