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the cube part one

in december, on the last day of the year, i got to help someone move. her apartment kicked her out, just like our landlord did. around our house are four roads: North, South, East, West. North extends up to a hill, around which gray leafless trees and mist swallow it. i'd never traveled that road.… Continue reading the cube part one

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a little a day

Today, I saw an email about "New Year's habits versus resolutions." The idea was what you can imagine--resolutions, one time commitments, come and go in life. But habits stay for the long run. Habits are more central to our lives than resolutions. I think it's hard to stick to habits. For progress maniacs like me,… Continue reading a little a day

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to have a story

Reading poetry, it never fails to amaze me that a simple thing like raindrops or parachutes or a strand of hair can be transformed in a page of words. Simplicity becomes sublime. It reminds me too, of a passage I saw in Revelations: "A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun,… Continue reading to have a story

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Things You’ll Miss

When summer ends, have you thought of making a list of things you'll miss about summer? Or for any season? I feel like it would be a good exercise. You remember what made you happy in a past season, hold on to those memories, and look forward to a new season. Since we're leaving my… Continue reading Things You’ll Miss

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dealing with stress and

Well, it appears I've cut off the other part. I'm not sure about you, but I'm going to be honest: lately, i've been going through extreme stress and anxiety. It happens like this. God blesses me! I've done something good! God's allowed it to become FAR more wonderful than I could dream of. As you… Continue reading dealing with stress and