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The Secret History: A Review

I have so many thoughts and feelings on this book, I'm making this a short review to include ONLY the most important things. **SPOILERS AHEAD** The Good Poetic, lyrical writing style full of precise vocabulary and syntax. It's a pleasure to read. Somehow, the elaborate language doesn't feel impossible to wade through. It complements the… Continue reading The Secret History: A Review

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There is the idea that as you die, your life will flash before your eyes. What do you want to fill your life with? What are the most precious things in your life? The images you want to see as your life fades? It made me realize that I love worship. I want more worship… Continue reading worship

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A Letter to God

God (You: Jesus), I look for you everywhere. But not in numbers made of cold stone; rather in stories made of flesh and blood even as I myself am. - written in July, 2022. Sometimes, I still think of Sabaa Tahir's words in the Ember in the Ashes quartet. When Elias cries, "Why is it… Continue reading A Letter to God

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my word of 2022 is this: patience. maybe you're internally groaning. don't pray for patience, or else God will give you practice! but that's not the patience I want. I don't want to only learn patience, but I want to enjoy and appreciate patience. many of us dread it: the word patience. but I want… Continue reading patience

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False Prophets

Here is a topic I've needed to learn about for a long time. In Ezekiel (and before then), false prophets plague Israel. While God tries to warn the Israelites about the dire consequences of their actions, false prophets appear who convince the Israelites that there's no real problem--God actually just wants all good things for… Continue reading False Prophets