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2022: Reflections and Future Goals

Hello, wanderers! I saw someone do a post like this and got inspired, so here are the goals I set for 2022, whether I achieved them, and what my goals look like for 2023. 2022 was probably not my favorite year, in all honesty. 2022, 2019, and 2016 are among my least favorite recent years;… Continue reading 2022: Reflections and Future Goals

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Time Management for College Students

Hello, wanderers! As you might know, I'm now in college. For anyone entering college (or surviving high school), I have some thoughts from my first year and a book by Julie Morgenstern: "Time Management from the Inside Out." The book's great, but sometimes the advice feels geared towards a working mom and not a struggling… Continue reading Time Management for College Students

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2019 is almost over. Did you blink? I did. It's okay to say you didn't have a happy year. The thing is, it's over now, and a new one's beginning. What did 2019 mean to you? What memories will you keep, what will you carry with you? If this year had a color, what would… Continue reading 2019