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don’t limit God

This week, I've been mulling over some truths. Anxieties circle my head as we drive up the long black hill of the Future. I'm trying not to let the floodgates of my fear open, or I won't stop thinking about the future and whatever is at the top. It's not my job to think about… Continue reading don’t limit God

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Jesus and healing and faith

I've been reading through the New Testament and I'm at the part where Jesus begins his ministry. People come from all over to hear him and be healed by him. And one of the parts that strikes me is "He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people… Continue reading Jesus and healing and faith

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When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Lately, I've noticed myself gripping tightly the few things I think I control: my schedule, my food, my work. When some situations spiral out of control, do we attempt to control other areas in our lives--and explode with frustration and anger when it doesn't go our way? I'm thankful for math. Math teaches me that… Continue reading When Things Don’t Go Your Way

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God and circumstances

One question in the Bible (and my life) that pops up frequently is, "Do my circumstances define God, or does God define my circumstances?" Whenever something goes wrong--when I feel sad, unproductive, angry, or scared--my first instinct is to blame God. And scream at him. And sometimes, we see this in the Bible. Job's circumstances… Continue reading God and circumstances

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the pain of new beginnings

There's an earring I wear--a silver hoop earring. For some reason, clasping it to my ear hurts. For anyone who has earrings, you know the wire goes through the ear and then a metal clasp clicks forward to press the wire in place. Except this one presses too hard. It digs into my skin. After… Continue reading the pain of new beginnings