How to STOP Procrastinating

Featured blog post today is How To Stop Procrastinating.

I am probably not the only soul who has been sucked into the never ending vortex of Internet distractions: When I intend to check my email, it seems that Facebook is calling out to me.
When I am on the computer, solidly resolved not to go on the Internet at all, somehow, somehow, I end up wasting half my time on Pinterest.

So how can we navigate this web of diversions? (Pun not intended xD) Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful:

1. Pray. Focusing on the Internet is part of learning self control, which is a godly virtue. It has always helped me to ask God for guidance and self control before I do my tasks on the Internet–and it works!

2. Be accountable.Telling your sister or roommate what you plan to do and having them check on you should be a good motivator. And if they swoop in just when you’re in the middle of doing something that is not what you planned, it’s lucky they caught you!

3. Set a timer. Hearing the clock ticking may remind you that you have a limited amount of time to get done what you need to get done–and you’d better not spend that time scrolling down various procrastination websites.

4. Disable the Internet. If you’re working on a Word document (or a stupid WordPad document–yes, I now have the terrible Windows 10)or any other kind of non-internet related computer activity, this may work for you.

5. Make a list. This is one of the most important things and one that has worked the best for me. Clearly listing out everything you want to achieve by the time your computer period is up is very helpful–plus, you get to satisfyingly scratch every accomplished task off the list.

6. SelfControl app. I have actually not tried this. (Guilty.) If you have an iPhone or Apple, however, this may benefit you: SelfControl lets you block certain websites at certain times of the day when you’re supposed to be doing schoolwork or other activities.

7. DON’T do the music. So, this tip may not be for everybody, but in my experience music (particularly lyrical music) does not at all aid in focusing. In fact, psychologically, it may distract you more than it helps, because the brain was not meant to multitask. And even if you insist on it helping, for procrastinators like me, trying to find music on Spotify or YouTube leads to a never ending eternity of watching video after video, listening to song after song, and never getting anything done. Instead, reward yourself with music after you’ve finished all your work.

Also: ask yourself: am I procrastinating right now by reading this article?

Stay inspired!


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