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don’t limit God

This week, I’ve been mulling over some truths. Anxieties circle my head as we drive up the long black hill of the Future. I’m trying not to let the floodgates of my fear open, or I won’t stop thinking about the future and whatever is at the top. It’s not my job to think about that. If I do, I’ll be disappointed. I won’t have the right heart to see what’s going to happen.

  1. All sin is distrust. Somewhere, somewhen, you stopped trusting God. There might be something–a competition, friendship, relationship–where you stopped trusting that God loves you and will work this out for good. Maybe there’s distrust lingering in our hearts now and we just can’t see it. We’re blinded by the voices telling us he’s not trustworthy. He can’t do this. “He doesn’t got us.”
  2. If someone say’s God’s not trustworthy, that’s probably Satan. Easy for him to say, ’cause he’s not trustworthy. He’s the one who’s going to drop you from a cliff, not God.
  3. Don’t Limit God. I’m AMAZINGLY glad to say that God worked in my life in some jaw dropping ways. And it’s important for us to remember how–and when–God worked in our lives. When he does something for you, share it. There’s Psalms about this: 77 is one example. God delivering in ways more than we can ask or imagine is nothing new. Over the summer, when it seemed impossible, I prayed for a way to finish my summer job. We were homeless and displaced, but somehow, every morning, thanks in part to the wonderful hosts we had, I was able to show up–more days after the homelessness than before. This is only one way God has shown himself. This semester, he’s delivered more times than I can count–giving me the second highest test grade in my class, providing when I didn’t think he could. We need to record and remember these acts.

Focusing on one step and a time and that God knows our futures more than we do is a truth I must take with me this week, and I hope you will too.

PS- Do you want a part 2 on this faith/fear/future idea? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “don’t limit God”

  1. seems like prayer and remembering the answer really builds faith…do you have any way to log those big impossible prayers? I like your point about our limited knowledge, he knows why his answer is working out in his time….

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