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the pain of new beginnings

There’s an earring I wear–a silver hoop earring. For some reason, clasping it to my ear hurts. For anyone who has earrings, you know the wire goes through the ear and then a metal clasp clicks forward to press the wire in place. Except this one presses too hard. It digs into my skin.

After a while, the pain goes away. I don’t notice the throbbing. But when I reach to remove it, or loosen the clasp, pain floods again, stinging my ear. Taking out the earring feels (in the moment) more painful than wearing it.

Isn’t that ironic? The tightness is bad–the earring cuts off circulation, maybe cuts your skin. It’s hurting you the whole time, but you don’t notice. Removing it feels bad.

I wonder if bad situations in our lives can be like this. You don’t want to be overweight, but it’s easier than starting that painful exercise program. You don’t want to be lazy, but it’s easier than rolling out of bed and cleaning up your room. You don’t want to be angry, but it’s easier than taking your feelings to God and asking him to save you. When we start the good alternative, it feels bad, worse than the pain we’ve been stuck in.

But ultimately, we benefit–by enduring the pain and letting go of the problem.

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