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How hard is it to do one thing at a time? My theory: It’s pretty hard. With cell phones and more to-dos than ever, it’s easy to multitask without realizing. Think about it: are you checking your bank account with one tab and writing an essay with another? Or baking cookies while texting a friend? Or (a deadly example) texting and driving?

Multitasking takes forms from harmless to deadly, but either way, it doesn’t help us. Concentration on one task at a time, for as long as we’ve committed to do it, might be the key to managing our time better.

For anyone who’s facing a full schedule, you might see no option except haphazardly handling ten things at a time. However, focusing on one task at a time helps you:

– complete it with quality
– understand what you are doing and how
– develop habits of concentration
– become a consistent and reliable worker.

Focus cuts down on forgetfulness, so you won’t have that what did I not do question hanging over your head all day. Here are some simple ways you can improve your focus.

  1. Turn off the phone. If you’re studying, journaling, reading, you don’t need to have your phone on! Putting it out of sight has been linked with an increase in focus.
  2. Write a to-do list. Know what you are going to do, your time commitments, and your priorities. That way when you finish one task, you’ll know what to do next.
  3. Don’t open too many tabs at once. This one…goes without saying. Still, we’re all guilty of it.
  4. Keep track of your schedule– including your break times, meal times, and scheduled commitments, so you know when to fit your “focus time” in.
  5. Choose the right environment. Please do not study, work, or attempt to focus in a place where you know there are distractions. If you must work with others, choose a task that is easier. Interruptions are one of the worst enemies to focus, especially if you have a hard time shooing people away. Also, working from bed is considered a problematic habit for physical and psychological health.

Do you have any tips for focused working? Until next time,


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