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Things You’ll Miss

When summer ends, have you thought of making a list of things you’ll miss about summer? Or for any season? I feel like it would be a good exercise. You remember what made you happy in a past season, hold on to those memories, and look forward to a new season.

Since we’re leaving my old neighborhood (tomorrow), I’ll list a few happy memories from the last five years. Mostly they are from running in the neighborhood.

  • finding “secret passageways” between the neighborhoods
  • neighborhood kids playing outside
  • the arabic inscription hanging from one neighbor’s house, and the rope windchimes at another
  • discovering a creek behind some people’s houses
  • walks to the church playground nearby
  • running to Publix and back
  • runs on silver, cloudy days
  • runs on damp days with envelopes littered across the street and story ideas unfurling in my mind
  • a five mile run on a cloudy day while bone broth simmered on the stove
  • running repeats around the neighborhood cul-de-sac until I could run a quarter mile, then half, then a whole mile…
  • running 400s while Beowulf quotes pounded through my head: “For every one of us, living in this world means waiting for our end. Let a man win glory while he may”
  • 6am runs while grass glittered with frost, and going back and forth on a street where lights shone at one house, where I imagined the elderly couple there to be preparing their morning coffee
  • running as I passed an elderly lady on a walk, wishing that one day I could be old enough to walk instead of run.
  • baking cookies on cloudy days. The house filling with chocolate smells of muffins (baked with zucchini and carrot).
  • running every fall morning of 2020, with a homemade salted caramel mocha waiting for me when it was over.
  • coming home from cross country practice to a pot of rice and beans
  • admiring the German-style stone house with crisscrossing beams and those diagonal-paned windows which housed a single candle at Christmas.

And, most of all, a gray-and-white cat who entered our lives a year ago. Since then, my family nicknamed her “Moji.” She visits our garden and yard every once in a while, and is the friendliest cat I’ve ever seen. She tries to jump on you (barely reaching your knees) and purrs if you pet her, twisting along your legs once or twice before she trots off. You can see her sitting on fences. She’s actually found a way into our house a few times!

That’s all for now! What do you like about where you live?


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