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A bird chirps outside my window. “Acheera, acheera, acheera, acheer.” (Or at least that’s how I think it sounds). If I look up, I can’t see him, but I do see lovely, misty things draping the sky: clouds. 

Clouds are my favorite! Here’s why. 

  1. They make it look like sunset. Sound weird? Well, as I biked today, I noticed how at the edges of the cloud covered sky, you could see blue and yellow peeking from the horizon. Blue and yellow (or should I say blue and gold) are classic colors for winter sunsets. Many times I’ve watched the sun fade into a pale blue and gold sunset in November.
  2. You can appreciate the trees. Winter shows us the bare anatomy of trees: the curve of their bodies, the way their branches splinter into segments, tinier and tinier; they narrow from sturdy branches to finger-like twigs. And the best way to see it is against a canvas of cool grey clouds. (Using the English word because “gray” just doesn’t sound beautiful enough…). Sunny skies are brilliant…so brilliant they drown out those details.
  3. When you watch them move across the sky, it feels surreal. Whether it’s a few puffs in a blue sky or a large swath of watercolour-grey cloud, watching them move across the sky makes you question reality. Okay, not that dramatic. But it certainly gives you a lightheaded feeling. They move so quietly, so smoothly, like a straight angle cutting through water. They float, glide, whisper across the sky. I think it’s amazing because whenever we think of movement, it’s confined to a limit on earth: the sound of a footfall, or a tree thudding to the ground, or the rustle of leaves as a squirrel scampers. But there is nothing earthy about the way clouds move.
  4. Patches of color. A grey sky is never one color. Deep greys layer white grays; pale gray-white adorns the sides; there’s a small pinhole of light for the sun with white clouds nearby. 

All for now, 

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