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2019 is almost over. Did you blink?

I did.

It’s okay to say you didn’t have a happy year. The thing is, it’s over now, and a new one’s beginning. What did 2019 mean to you? What memories will you keep, what will you carry with you? If this year had a color, what would it be?

I’ll stop worrying about how I sound. I’ll just straight out say: For impressions, I have been the most unhappy with 2019 than any other year. Mostly unhappy with myself. I’ve failed in so many ways this year. I’m the reason my year went from fine to failure.

What have I done this year? How far have I come? In terms of writing, it’s  been a little lackadaisal.

-I did do Nanowrimo! Over 50,000 words completed in a month! Mainly it was typing off my old manuscripts, but that does mean something, right?

-Had some great conversations with friends–like Olivia, Anya, and Emily.

-I’ve studied a lot for my world. I read a new book series. I did another year of cross country and got injured.

-I had a pretty terrible summer, but I did get two college credits!

-I compeleted all high school credits neccesary to graduate in Tennessee.

-I finished trigonometry and started precalculus.

-I made gingerbread with my younger siblings.

-I met a new friend in Florida (we obsessed over bnha) and a new friend in my neighborhood (an absolute angel).

-I went to Italy and met a girl from Ireland! We saw Ireland from the sky.

-I guess I’m still finding who I am in art and music. I read some Tokyo Ghoul, some BNHA, some Orange and some HunterxHunter. I love anime, but aside from Your Lie In April and Orange I haven’t really found anything that strikes a chord with me.

Isn’t that part of it? Just finding out who you are?

I also think I’ll paint something else, something commemorating 2019. Don’t live like your life will go on forever–time is as short as this year.


Ps- look out for a Rise of Skywalker movie review! I’m super excited 😀

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