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Hello, wanderers. 

I know it’s been a while. Plans didn’t go how I thought they would, and still aren’t. I guess if everything in life went the way I thought it would or wanted it to, we’d have very boring lives, wouldn’t we? 

This article is brought to you by a thought.

Just a few minutes ago, while I was baking, I thought about my grandfather’s death. He died in April this year; I wondered if we’d see him in heaven. I wonder how we knew if we’d see anyone in heaven. 

How many of you, when you were young, thought, “I’ll live my life however I want to, and just before I die, then I’ll ask Jesus to take me to heaven.” I remember thinking this. 

And one fallacy with this way of thinking is–your life is your future. You see, trusting Jesus isn’t something you do once in your life. You can’t never trust Jesus your whole life and then at one specific moment, just trust him. 

Of course, God has a plan–He can move our hearts in whatever way he wants. If you’re meant to be saved, He’ll save you–it’s his choice. 

Still, if you trust Jesus with your life, you’ll trust him with your eternity. 

The point is this. If you trust Jesus now, you’ll trust him always. If you live for him now, you’ll live with him always. People talk about legacies. Your life is your legacy. Who you are today determines who you’ll be forever. 

So don’t stop trusting. 

2 thoughts on “forever”

  1. Sorry I am so late on commenting, I really liked your post! And you are right, life would be boring if everything went the way we planned. And you are right, trusting Jesus is a lifelong journey, that is so cool! ❤ I will always be inspired by your posts, whenever they come 🙂 You rock!

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