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becoming human.

I built this article on one idea: Life isn’t what we see, but also what we don’t see.

This morning I’ve been researching New York’s third trimester abortion law. I looked at the bill. I could not believe my eyes.

“”Person” refers to the victim of homicide who has been born and is alive.

You mean that if we can’t see a person, even though we have evidence they’re alive, because we can’t see them with our own two eyes, they don’t exist?

They don’t matter?

They aren’t people?


This is a sad but true way many people view reality. They choose to say that the only real things are things they can see. Isn’t that a horrible thing?

How do we view reality? What we do not see defines the very fabric of reality.

Why do we enjoy movies (things we can see?) We may perhaps say it is because it is beautiful–well drawn–imaginative. We can see that, can we not?

No! Beauty is an idea. A movie might have good art, but can we call it beautiful? What defines beauty? Can you catch it in a net? Can you point to one picture and call it the utmost definition of beauty? Can you hold it in your hands or put it on a leash?

More importantly, we judge movies and art by their meanings–themes. Like love, perseverance, kindness, justice…What do these stories teach us?

I find it ironic that all of humanity deeply loves and understands stories, yet stories are unreal things we can’t touch. Maybe they’re based on a real thing that happens, but again–you can’t see it. It’s not real. You can’t touch it. But it can still deeply affect you.

What about music? Words? Books? I could point to so many things.

Don’t use your eyes to define reality. Use your soul.

That is what makes us human.


2 thoughts on “becoming human.”

  1. A thoughtful, thought-provoking post! The law in NY is truly a tragedy and a reprehensible act. As I’ve said to my family and friends: “humans are the most brilliant, and most absolutely stupid, creatures to exist”. They understand things to be self-evident (the fact that life is begun at conception) but then to suit their fancy declare that a life isn’t a life until it is born. It’s truly tragic.

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