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does anyone else have this problem?

I sat down at my desk planning to write and schedule three blog articles! Yay! I also wanted to do a lesson of math today (wow, ambitious) and write for thirty minutes, and–!

Maybe it’s because I’m sick, but I’m having this issue. As soon as I sit down on, my attention is fractured into millions of splinters. When I come back to my work, I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

So right  now, instead of writing about a sunrise, I’m…ranting. But that’s okay because some days are sunrise days where you muse about the beauty of nature and other days are days when you have to sit down, grit your teeth and grind something out.

If you’ve ever had that “I don’t feel like doing it” problem too, you have my deepest condolences. I’m having that this exact minute. But let’s not give in and wallow in misery. Here is what I’m going to try.

Write about it. Just writing about how I feel right now is making me feel a little bit better. Maybe it’d help you to pull out a journal and rant about how you feel unproductive, too.

Just do it. It=anything. Anything you won’t regret in twenty four hours is fair game. For instance, I am writing this article, aren’t I? Even though I don’t feel like it. Do not trust your feelings, Luke.
On another note I sometimes feel like when we choose to wait, worry, mull and ponder about something to the point where we become so much more scared of it than we have to be.
When I had to do 400 meter repeats for cross country, there was always that ominous “before”–before you began, just as you were poised to take off, your brain whispers, “Just another minute…”
The best way to beat that is to just do it. Don’t think. Take off.

Rewards. Is there anything you want?  Don’t give it to yourself. Do what you have to, then what you want to.

Music. Music might help. Motivating music. I’m listening to Slugs and Bugs right now.

That’s all I have for now.


4 thoughts on “does anyone else have this problem?”

  1. I’ve definitely felt like this– am feeling like it currently, in fact! You’re right, it’s better to slug through it than just wallow; as fun as wallowing and doing nothing can be (blech not really) it’s better to dust yourself off and make yourself move forward. A great motivational post, I’m glad I read it! ❤

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