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God’s Plan (for real, though)

A few days ago, I came home from a trip. My dad told me, “Charles Krauthammer died today.

Maybe you’ve heard of this too. Now, do I know him personally?


Do I agree with all his politics? Do you?

Perhaps not. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. To me, having heard his story, I was encouraged and inspired that a person like him overcame difficulties like paralysis to better the world with his wisdom.

And then he died.

Death ends all of our stories on Earth.

The worst thing, though? As far as I know, he wasn’t a Christian. Death is not what saddens me; enmity with God does.

So I was deeply sad.

I walked out of the room, slumped. Sad. Then, a few words surfaced in my mind. Words from a diary read long ago:

“…I found out today that my brother has died […] I do not know whether he loved the Lord, but I thank Him that to whatever end he has gone, it will glorify God.”

That filled me with hope. Perhaps Charles Krauthammer never loved God. Perhaps he is, sadly, in a…bad place.

But whatever happens, we know that God has a plan and we know that God will be glorified. If you love God, reminding yourself this:

“To whatever end anything goes, God will  be glorified.”

When things are hard. When things are easy. When things are good, bad, wonderful, terrible. Nothing escapes God’s purpose. In this way all of us, even those who do not love God, have a part and a purpose in God’s master plan.

Repeating this phrase to myself is a wonderful wellspring of hope.

keep wandering,


For anyone who’s wondering, the photograph I’m using is one I took myself. It’s of a tree, reflected in a puddle. I thought it helped symbolize how there’s always a plan and a purpose and a master image, even when it doesn’t look like there is one. 

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