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Iron Core Interview!

Hello, all my faithful wanderers! Have you been wandering successfully? Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I’m going to try to keep up more regular posting in the future.

That said, for our grand kickoff article, we have my friend, author Rebekah DeVall, and her  sister ah, character, Lunetta, here. Lunetta is the star of the new book, Iron Core. Let’s get into the interview!

thoughts of a wanderer: Hi, girls! So happy to have you here today. Lunetta, I’ve got a couple of questions. Here we go. First: what kind of games did you play growing up?
Lunetta: When I was young, I used to run up and down solitary confinement. It was always sad that my mother could not follow me, but I grew accustomed to it.
Once I was moved to my own cell, I hunted rats. Quite the catch in a prison like Brancaleone!

TOW: Whoa. That sounds…confining. A jail! That sucks. Were there any professions you wanted to do when you grow up?

L: Professions? I only aspired to be free of that prison.

TOW: Aww. Did/do you have any notable archenemies?

L: No! Never!

TOW: Well, that’s always a great thing! Hmmm…On a perfectly free day, what would
you do?

L: On a perfectly free day? If Mother were with me, I would ask her to take me to where she grew up as a child. We’d gather our family together around us, and she would tell us stories.

TOW: That is adorable! Sounds like Mother’s Day would be your favorite holiday 😉 Do you have any nicknames? Ones you love? Ones you hate?

L:My brother Zane calls me Loony. We don’t see one another regularly enough for it to be annoying.

TOW: Loony! Clever. How many times can you say Sally Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers?

L: What is a pickled pepper?

TOW: I am honestly not sure. Which is your favorite moon phase? (mine’s full. Waxing crescents ain’t that bad ether.)

L: Full moons.

TOW: Favorite food? Song?

L: I eat whatever is put before me.

TOW: All right, this is awesome. I’m going to ask a few modern questions. So Lunetta:
are you a bandwagon fan? (That means you like certain fandoms just because
everybody else does.)

L: What is a bandwagon? What are fandoms? I do not make a practice of following carts…

TOW: Lemon flavored popcorn or tea mixed with butter? (You must hate me now. *evil cackles*)

L: I do not know what popcorn is, but tea with butter must be terrible. Have you eaten it? *frightened gaze*

TOW: No worries, I haven’t. Okay, sorry for making you go through that! 😛 And lastly, we know you’re the star of a book. But how do YOU feel about books? Love them? Hate them?

L: What is a book? I am no star of anything…

TOW: Going back to pickled peppers. Are you SURE you can’t say it?

L: glares What foolishness is a pickled pepper?”

Rebekah DeVall: Just say it.

TOW: Ahhh, so we have the author on this now….Should be interesting…

L: hesitant look “Sally picked a… pickled… WHAT IS A PICKLED PEPPER?!”

kermit the frog applause GIF by Cheezburger


Thanks so much Lunetta (can I call you Luna?) and Rebekah for participating.

Order Iron Core  for only one buck on Amazon–

–and find out more about Lunetta and her intriguing story 😉




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