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The Last Jedi–Review

The story of how I saw the Last Jedi is a long and interesting one. Since this is a review on the actual movie as requested by my friend Windy, I’ll keep the details to a minimum, so I will say it involved large Egyptian style movie theaters and calling to make sure I didn’t have to preorder tickets.

Disclaimer: Five year olds were scrambling all over my lap as I watched the movie, and we had to sit front row, so I was basically staring up Princess Leia’s nostrils. These things may have deducted from the movie experience.

clears throat

Now I shall begin.

The first thing I noticed was that while a star battle was going on, we did NOT, as traditionally, see the underside of a Star Destroyer. These things irk my inner traditionalist self. Moving on.


While I love the Last Jedi, there were a lot of problems.

iron man eye roll GIF

Yes, I know, I’ll go as quickly as I can.

The Whole Resistance Subplot. It was horrible. All of it. Sucked. I was kind of watching everything with Rose, Finn, Poe (though the theme of Poe’s having-to-learn-before-he-becomes-a-leader thing was fine) and the stupid tracker on the Star Destroyer made me watch it all like

tired good night GIF

That was pretty much the worst thing. The worst thing, for which I deduct one and a half stars. They should have picked a far more original theme with the Resistance and not had the cliché, let’s fight the bad guys! thing.

Yoda’s Reappearance-Don’t get me wrong, I love Yoda just as much as the next person! I just feel like he should have gotten a little more of a grand return scene.  I don’t know. Just my own pet peeve.

Luke’s Death-I was a little confused. The scene where he died was perfect! You know, with the double suns and his music and everything—but how exactly did he die, if Kylo didn’t kill him? Exhaustion?

The Theme of the Light Side.  Okay…here is, where, morally, my biggest problem lies. Though this truth doesn’t apply to everything all the time, in the original movies, the theme of sacrifice—of Luke NOT giving into the Dark Side and killing Vader, of him not fighting, of him allowing himself to be persecuted—I felt like in the scene in Snoke’s throne room, Rey was seen as strong, but she was fighting. She wasn’t laying down her life sacrificially. And I guess, if anything, I’m a sucker for those tropes where there’s the classic, Christ-like theme of sacrifice. That was my biggest moral-ish problem.


Now, for the PROS:

Speaking of Sacrifice, even though I hated Substitute Commander Lady in the beginning (oh, how I hated her) I thought she taught a great lesson about the virtue of quiet sacrifice—when there’s no grand death, no glory, no feeling of victory—because our feelings isn’t what sacrifice is about. She was good for something, after all.

Luke’s Darker Side was so cool to explore. The way he almost killed Kylo? I felt like the Last Jedi added a deeper side to his character. Why did they have to kill him off!? Maybe for grandeur, but it’s such a waste. Now Mark Hamill is basically the only actor of the originals who’s alive, but they KILLED his character! Stupid moviemakers! They should have killed Leia instead.

Kylo Ren’s Deeper Side—wow, I’m just counting up the times I say “deep.” But it’s true. I like deep meaning, deep characters—when something means more than it seems on face value. Anyway, Kylo Ren, (simply by virtue of being an INFP) has always intrigued me as a villain. Seeing what made him do what he did was an interesting experience; and that there’s hope! He’s not completely bad! The way he displayed more strength, too (as in destroying his mask, killing Snoke, ect) made me respect him a lot more, too: The fact that he came to terms with the flimsy ways he tried to make himself feel strong and destroyed them. Not letting Snoke trash talk him heightened my respect as well. I hate it when anyone—people, characters—let others harass them, LET them—

And, last of all, because it wouldn’t be a real review if I didn’t say my favorite part,

REYLO!!!!! This literally made the whole movie worth it for me. Guys. You have no idea how happy my heart was when Kylo Ren and Rey fought off those Snoke guards, TOGETHER, and, also,

Inline image 1

I mean, come on!! It is the most adorable thing everrrrr

One of my favorite things about Reylo happening would be that it’s never  happened before! I mean, we’ve never had, at least in a Star Wars movie, the interesting dilemma of a female protagonist and a male antagonist, actually liking each other. Plus, it would make Rey being a girl count for MUCH more than stupid political correctness, girls-can-do-anything thing I’m so bored of.

Inline image 1

Okay, time to get off the computer now. Stay inspired!


kylo ren’s conflicted face. You can turn good you can do it!!!! 

6 thoughts on “The Last Jedi–Review”

  1. Ahhhhhhhh!!! I LOVED IT!!! I loved the gifs and I just loved it all in general! Also now I am REALLY curious to know more about this Reylo ship. . . It’s been plaguing my Pinterest feed and I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s ACTUALLY a thing or if it’s just fan imaginings??? All-in-all, even though I’m totes a stranger to this world of Star Wars (I’ve only seen the 1970s one, the very first one, and nothing more) I SERIOUSLY loved reading every bit of this!! 😀 Brava! And you should totally do more movie reviews! (also, maybe another post sometime/someday about Star Wars. . . this was really great to see all of your opinions/thoughts! 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you! ❤ and oooh, it's plaguing your pinterest feed? So here's the thing–reylo isn't technically canon (*yet*) but I'm just gonna quote one of my friends and say you wouldn't *believe* all the content we got. It's the best thing ever. I'd recommend seeing the force awakens, the empire strikes back, and the return of the jedi and THEN the last jedi, and also in the force awakens, see if you can note just a *bit* of something between Kylo Ren and Rey…XD. I'm *hoping* reylo will become canon in episode 9, bc jj abrams *did* set the stuff up between them in the first one….T.T #hopingagainsthope–
      and I'm so sorry about all this star wars ranting!!! I'm just going to say this: see the movies. Just see the movies. Unless you hate them, then you don't have to xP (but I know you will LOVE the reylo ship!!!! EEEEKK!! *goes off fangirling*)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally LOVE fangirling! Nothing wrong with it! NEVER feel the need to apologize! 🙂 It’s great to hear someone talk about something that they love; and heaven knows I yammer on and on about Loki and Tom Hiddleston enough on my blog. lol

        I’ll TOTALLY have to go watch those movies when I have the time and see if I see what ya’ll see! Honestly, I love good romances, so I’d probably totally be on board with this ship! 😉 (a little shipping humor for you, tee-hee) Again, a great review-post!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for giving us a great review and your thoughts on The Last Jedi. I know a lot of people have taken issue with some of the plot, which leads me to suspect that it is similar to The Empire Strikes Back. Being the 2nd movie in a series of 3 leaves a lot to be desired, but I have a feeling we’re going to be satisfied with Episode 9. 😉 just my thoughts on all of this as well as input from someone who lived during that time.

    How did you feel about Snoke’s death? I wish they had given more explanation to his character, but I loved how his death developed Kylo Ren’s character. What is your opinion?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ikr!!! I 100% agree. His death did tell us a lot about Kylo Ren (and is also one of the reasons I ship Reylo) but that *does* leave a problem, which is who’s going to be “the bad guy” now? Either Kylo Ren is irredeemable and has to be killed (T.T) or there has to be another bad guy, and since I haven’t seen much foreshadowing, they’ll have to make this bad guy pop out of thin air. I wish they had waited to the end to kill Snoke. I’m pretty nervous about episode 9, XD, but i hope you’re right! And thanks so much for commenting 😉


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