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Blue Lily, Lily Blue Review

Haha, it’s the Blue Review. But I promise it’s not sad.

What is sad, however, is my appalling absences. I really need to deal with this! But hopefully I’ll be able to start posting more regularly. That said, here is our review. For this one, I’m just doing my general thoughts on it.

The Good: Perhaps my favorite part of anything by Maggie Stiefvater is her riveting writing style. She has consistently amazing prose and the way she writes her dialogue is #goals. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. Secondly, I enjoyed seeing the escalating tension in the search for Glendower.

One other thing I greatly enjoyed was the introduction of Gwenllian. She has such a unique character. Circling in my head forever is her Kings and queens, swords and things, blue lily, lily blue. In creating a character, (writers take notes) it’s a good idea to have their theme poems and songs. Everyone loves music. Translating a kind of love like that makes a character more realistic, and the kind of songs and music your characters like show a lot about who they are. A proverb I’ve quoted before is “As a man thinks, so he is.” Guess what gets stuck in our head? What we think about all the time even if subconsciously? Music! Music influences our inner being.

All right, sorry for the drifting. So those were the top most memorable, enjoyable parts of Blue Lily that I can think of. Also, Blue’s turmoil at realizing the gap between her and her raven friends is also realistic and helps with empathy to her character.

The Bad: Overall, Blue Lily was probably my least favorite book of the series. It wasn’t at all bad and I don’t regret reading it, but nothing super exciting ever happened. I don’t think it deserved to be as long as it was. However, this is not to say it’s bad or should be skipped. It also expands on the introduction of major characters like Henry Cheng.

Final thoughts: 4 out of 5. Stiefvater, as usual, does an excellent job creating an entertaining, mystical, and beautiful world through her amazing writing style and continues the stories of her superb, realistic characters. Middle books are always the hardest (think: Two Towers) and I think Stiefvater did a great job on hers. Raven King/Conclusion review coming soon. So, I leave you with….

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4 thoughts on “Blue Lily, Lily Blue Review”

  1. This is making me so anxious to read these books! I STILL haven’t found them! I’m just gonna have to ask the teen librarian at my library if she’ll just order the books because your reviews here are making me salivate at the prospect of reading them! Also that POEM! Goodness, lovely!

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    1. IKR!!! So beautiful and mysterious…*collapses in dreaminess* I hope I’m not tantalizing you too much 😛 And I love the poem! One of my favorite things. I wish I could include a signature poem/song in my story except I suck at poetry T.T


  2. I have those same thoughts about memory and music, glad you were able to fit in one more review and consider all the literary ideas and techniques. Good job!

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