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Seven Things I’m Thankful For In Fall

So maybe all this fall stuff is overrated. Still, fall is becoming one of my favorite seasons, and here are a few things I’m thankful about for it.

Halloween. And Thanksgiving. Two awesome holidays. Especially appropriate that THANKSgiving makes its appearance in a things-i’m-thankful-for article, right? Still, those two are really enjoyable holidays. I love Halloween, and friends, and dressing up….and I love my family’s Thanksgiving turkeys and housecleaning. And leftovers. Only, I end up stuffing myself to death 😛

COLORS. Honestly, fall colors are one of the most beautiful things. Photographic opportunity, too.

Pumpkin. Not necessarily pumpkin spice lattes (though those are good…#guiltypleasure) but pumpkin muffins, bread, and even carved pumpkins. I carved my pumpkins last year and I’m never going to not carve them again. Carving is too good.

Cinnamon. For some reason, I associate this scent with fall. Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pumpkin…mmm.

School. I know, I know, we’re supposed to hate school, but there’s something so pleasing about going  back to school and back to school crafts and keeping all your papers organized. Even if you’re writing a blog article while you’re supposed to be doing a negative constructive. Oh, or if you’re trying to figure out how schoolwork partnerships work.

Plaid. I’m sort of infamous about my annoyance with Scotland, but I *love* plaid. It wouldn’t feel like fall without plaid. When I was younger, my sisters and I would await the fall Land’s End catalog, and for the longest time I very much wanted a plaid school skirt. Now I have an associations with fall and plaid…

Cooler weather. Unpopular opinion: I hate summer heat. Cool weather all the way!! Cool weather also means some more things: Boots, sweaters and scarves–that I love about fall.

So there are some things I enjoy about fall, and very sorry if I haven’t been posting regularly. What are some things YOU love about fall? I’d love to read about it on your blogs!

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10 thoughts on “Seven Things I’m Thankful For In Fall”

  1. Fall is my favorite season, but I live in Texas and it’s still quite summery here and will be probably until about November 😦 I hate hot weather so much.

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  2. Thank you for a lovely post on fall. I agree that cooler weather and beautiful colors are the best parts of fall. I love watching the trees change colors and feeling a breeze after a hot summer.

    I agree that pumpkin carving is lots of fun. We don’t always get to do them, but when we do, it’s so much fun. Plus, there are a lot of different ways to flavor the pumpkin seeds, so we use most of the pumpkin. Lots of fun.

    Happy fall!

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