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How to NOT annoy your schoolwork partner

In high school, I’m now starting to do these “partner” assignments. Sometimes—most of the time—everything works out well. And other times, it’s…difficult…to work with people. If we all treated others as we’d like to be treated, things would probably be a lot easier. So whether you’re working with somebody in school, in college, or at work, here are some things that you can do to make sure the other person is not stressing out.

Stay aware of things. Please. Don’t wait until the end of the week to check your email, or to reply. At least let the other person know why you’re not responding, and don’t make the mistake again. Saying sorry doesn’t mean anything if you’re just going to repeat the same mistake. Also, don’t always be the one answering all the messages—take initiative. Send one of your own.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. If you have an idea that would help the project, say it. You will likely not be trampled under a horde of elephants, and even if your idea isn’t used, it will at least help the other person know that you’re part of the project and you’re speaking up and helping instead of letting them do it all.

Remember that the other person is a person, too. The other person might have reasons for doing certain things. You never know what really is in someone’s heart for doing what they do, so don’t assume that they hate you and want the worst for you. They’re not just an annoying obstacle to achieving the end goal of an organized project, or an annoying pest that keeps bugging you about doing more work when you already have a ton.

Remember that God is still teaching you something. As hard as it is to work with people who are different…God still created them. And He can teach you something through this experience. You just need to trust Him, that He will work everything out.

I hope this helps you. Not saying I don’t struggle with doing some of the things I mentioned. For me personally, I don’t want you to ever think I don’t have problems, because a lot of what I write is also meant to help me deal with my problems—not because I don’t have problems and I’m helping poor you, who has them.

Stay inspired!


4 thoughts on “How to NOT annoy your schoolwork partner”

  1. This is definitely true, even though I was homeschooled, it’s important to remember these things no matter where you are in the schooling system!

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