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Real Honor

“Some really bad people I say are dishonorary Irish, and some honorable ones, I say are honorary Irish,” I explained.

“What kind of honor?” someone asked.

I did not have an answer.


What do we think of when we hear the word honor?

The Bible doesn’t say much about honor. About human honor. Perhaps that’s because humans don’t have honor? In fact, whenever the word honor is mentioned it is often mentioned as dishonor—hand in hand with guilt, shame, and disgrace.

Honor is not then acquired by performing heroic deeds, or doing something brave, but by choosing not to follow paths of disgrace and dishonor. The way to be honorable is simply to not be dishonorable.

All you have to do.

All you have to do is choose not to do something wrong, something bad, that may be tempting you.

Like happiness, honor is not an achievement. It comes from a way of living, a way of choosing not to give into evil, to bad choices.

Honor is only that! If honor is only resisting evil, why do we choose to be dishonorable? Why do we choose, when we have a clear choice, the wrong thing?

One reason is our selfishness. Evil feeds our selfishness. Evil is a result of our selfishness, and self-centered actions.

The way we can’t respect human life for being anything than something meant to please, to satisfy, ourselves.

Choosing to be honorable expands our view of the world. It helps us see life as beyond something that exists to please us. It helps us think outside our own spheres of existence.

Honor is choosing not to demean human life.

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