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J-O-Y Part One

Did you get to see the 2017 solar eclipse? I did, at a college. Before totality was reached, I was running around the campus, and then around one particular building, and then a memory jumped into my consciousness just as I ran around the building, a memory sharper than I’ve ever remembered it hit me with amazing force.

I stopped.

I remembered that it was on that exact side of the building where I contemplated a leap from the top of that building into the arms of death. Every cell in my body yearned for that—for death, to stop my terrible, terrible life. The weight of sadness would drag me down, down…

Perhaps you have felt this before, or even tried to attempt it before. If you have…this is for you.

And now, fast forward to a year later. I am happy, but not just happy. I have joy, and not just that pleasurable tingle that comes from eating chocolate, but in my heart of hearts I know I have deep, real, lasting joy.

What changed?

How did I come of this joy, what is this joy, and how can you have this joy?

What Joy Is:

The dictionary defines joy as “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” That’s not how I define joy.

Feelings come and go.

The search for joy in the midst of sorrow is often attempted by self love and indulging in selfish pleasures. But real joy is defined as:




That’s how I define joy. Real joy, lasting joy, is something that only Jesus can give you. This joy will always stay in your heart, through good and bad. This joy can be shaded by weeds of sin, so you cannot feel its warmth, or it can be shadowed by sad things happening in your life, but it’s still there.

This joy comes from Jesus.

So first, before yourself, seek Him. That will be joy. After you seek Jesus and love Him, everything else will fall into place.

4 thoughts on “J-O-Y Part One”

  1. I was just talking to a friend about what joy really means, and you hit that nail right on the head! I especially like that acronym you used


    It’s only when we put all our focus on Jesus, we will find true and everlasting joy. And joy like you said is not the same has happiness. Happiness comes and goes, but it’s joy that stays even when times are tough.

    I needed this reminder too. Thank you for sharing!

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