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Going the Extra Mile

I’ve heard of “going the extra mile” referring to excellence in work. But there’s another kind of going the extra mile—in being kind.

Once, I was meeting a girl, and inwardly, I was getting discouraged about how lackluster our conversation seemed. She doesn’t like me, I decided. Going inside started to look tempting. But for me, going the extra mile meant to continue in being friendly, even though I didn’t feel like it. 

But some time later, I found out that the little friendliness I had extended had been very well received. She did like me after all.

The point is that you never know how much even a small bit of kindness can impact someone.  Because God is the Author of kindness, He will direct the little kindness you have to offer to his glory.

Is there anyone God has put on your heart to be kind to?

Don’t be afraid. Don’t run away.

Instead, ask Him for the strength to love this person and the words to say.

I fail at kindness.

A lot.

But don’t let failure bring you down. Jesus died so we could be free from sin. Sinning once doesn’t mean we should stop doing what God wants.

So go the extra mile–be kind, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you don’t feel like it means something, because God is in control, and He will use your small kindnesses. And then, don’t feel like you have to run a marathon, because the smallest things make all the difference…

…and because kindness is never “too small” to count.


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