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Guard Your Heart

I’m doing a study of the Proverbs and among the prominent “listening” theme, is a verse that stood out to me:

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

I made a connection with another verse (recognize this one?)

Out of the heart the mouth speaks.”

This tells me two things. One, that we should guard our hearts. What are we exposing our hearts to? What sort of influences—friends, music, books, games—are affecting our hearts? Our hearts are influenced by even the most mundane, “harmless” things.

So before we decide to do something, or try something new, or examine what we’re in the pattern of doing, we must question ourselves: Is this a godly influence on me?

Being part of the world, some things we don’t have control over. But as for what we can control, we should be careful. It’s no joke—our hearts can lead us far, far astray, to paths of death.

The second thing is—are you wondering what is in your heart now? While the heart is “deceitful above all things” and only truly God can discern it, one way to watch your heart is watch your words. What words spring to your mouth?

Are they thanksgiving, or complaints—criticisms or encouragement?

Knowing what sort of words we are apt to say can give us an indication of what our hearts are like because “out of the heart the mouth speaks.” 

So guard your heart.


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