Ways to Improve Your Blog

Sometimes we don’t feel like writing articles, but we still want to do things to improve our blog.
And, by the way—got blogger’s block? Don’t let that stop you from giving up everything on your blog.

Blogging isn’t just about writing, it’s about presenting the writing in a pleasing and appealing fashion to your readers. When we write, or blog, we must remember that we’re not doing it for ourselves, but for others.

Is your blog a beautiful, pleasant place that you would visit?

One great piece of advice I heard from YouTuber Katie Gregoire to an aspiring YouTuber is “try to make videos that YOU enjoy watching.” Do YOU enjoy reading your own articles or browsing your own blog? If you don’t, you might want to double check that you do/have some of these–

Unique style of template—Like I said in How To Build A Better Blog, WordPress is teeming with overused and blaise templates. To make sure your website is unique and inviting, step away from the commonplace templates and fonts and colors. This can even be achieved by things as simple as changing your style of font, adding your own art and photographs, and changing up the featured colors of the blog.

Personality-A warm, funny, inviting atmosphere is among the top voices a blogger should aspire for. J: Beauty’s Expert Amateur is one blog that excellently nails this—getting her points across in a humorous, entertaining manner. If your topics are more serious, then balance the seriousness/sadness of the theme by making it beautiful—using beautiful language, expressions, poetic form, vocabulary. Beauty can be found in sadness.

Add something new. What does your blog have (or what do you want it to have) that no other blog has? Or, even something uncommonly found on a blog—linking it to your Twitter feed or Insta feed (or both!) so readers can view your social media posts is something unique. Have your own sayings. Sign off with your name, or a special saying. Make a logo. Have fun!

I can’t stress how important it is to invest in other bloggers. Join blogging groups. Provide helpful advice and encouragement for other bloggers. Even if you don’t feel like writing at all, a way to improve your blog is to like, comment, and share the blogs of others. Often these people will see what you do and do the same for you. (Always use that like button!) Afracturedfaith, one of my favorite WordPress blogs, does excellently when it comes to investing in others—always liking, commenting, and encouraging others on their blogs.

Doing this might even allow you to develop friendships with other bloggers—a few lovely bloggers I’ve been able to become friends with, and that’s always a wonderful thing.

Keep blogging!


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