But God Isn’t There for Me

“I know what you should do,” I said. “You should apologize to her, and then we should all pray and ask God for his peace and forgiveness.”

She looked at me. “I couldn’t do that! And besides…God doesn’t listen to me.”

I’ve tried and tried.

God isn’t there for me.

I’ve TRIED praying.

He’s just



Is this you?

I too, felt this once. And it taught me an important lesson.

Some Christians feel like salvation is something that THEY have brought about, that they direct their own futures and destinies and are responsible for everything. This is one extreme.

Another extreme is Christians who are lazy, who feel like “well, God’s going to do everything for me so I’ll just eat potato chips.”

The thing about Christianity is that salvation is NOT of our own works, but of God, that he is the only worthy one. The other thing is that if we want God to be there for us, if we want a close relationship with God, WE need to pursue HIM.

As I read once on a website, “Is it fair to think that God should speak to you in the 15 minutes of your day you set aside for him?” To really have a close relationship with God is to meditate on His word, to always think of Him and honor Him, to live for him.

God isn’t just there in the tough times of our life. He’s always there.

Are there weeds in our lives, blocking his light? Are there weeds taking up room in your heart from Him? Are there things you would rather do than spend time with God?

Often we only go to God as a last resort. When everything is failing, when everything is crumbling before our eyes. But if we expect to feel His love, (and it’s there!) then we need to go to God not only in times of trouble, but in all our times—in all our waking moments and quiet moments and busy moments and all the moments of our day.

So you feel like God isn’t there for you. God isn’t pursuing you.

Well, are you pursuing Him?

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