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How to Build a Better Blog

I visit countless numbers of blogs every week, and somehow, of the many I visit, few stick in my memory. The ones that do are a result of lots of time, effort, and inspiration.

Want to make your blog one that stays in someone’s memory?

Don’t use an overused template. On WordPress, there are certain templates that I see used time and time again. They get so monotonous and boring, I can’t pick them apart from each other. If you can, get a custom made one or tweak yours so it stands out from the crowd.

Do have your design reflect the theme of your blog. One blog I like, littlefaithblog.com, has whimsical fonts and bright colors. On the front, it showcases an attractively decorated Bible journal, an example of what the blog inspires others to do and an appeal to its audience: young Christian women. Take a look at their blog and think about how you can design yours to reflect the mood of your blog. Design is important.

Do have a settled theme. Random posts are a little confusing. When you have followers, those followers are following for specific advice and articles. Once you start getting a base, you have to stick with your theme or you’ll lose followers.

Don’t overpromote. You don’t want to come off as annoying; if you act annoying, people will assume your blog is annoying, too. The best way to promote? Being kind to others. Paying attention to the blogs of others, complimenting them, liking their posts, investing in them, will make them interested in your blog.

Do quality writing. Lack of quality, uniqueness, inspiration, personality, (all things I need to work on, heheh) all turn off potential readers. Make people want to share your blog as much as you do.

Do have a signature voice or font or saying that people can associate with your blog.

Don’t use low quality photo art, or too much photo art. Unless you’re a photoblogger, the point of photos are to add emphasis and attention and extra meaning to the subject of your article, not distract from it. Either low quality imagery or too much imagery detract from the quality of the article.

Do write articles that help your readers, encourage your viewers, or take them on a journey with you.

Because that’s what blogging is—a creative journey!

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