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Apologies for the dramatic title, but death is one thing that I’ve been thinking about, and maybe you have too.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about when thinking of death:…

1. Where will you go? Death is inevitable, but not the end. Your soul will live on and only you know whether Heaven or Hell is where you’ll go. A good thing about suffering in life for Christians is that God, and Heaven–is our reward. Life, and therefore temporary suffering, is short–we live for a life beyond this one.

2. Don’t Think About it all the time. Constantly thinking of death culminates a spirit of fear, so don’t always ponder it. Death is not something from God–not something He intended.

3. Don’t Be Afraid. This can partly be achieved by not thinking about it, but an illustration from Corrie Ten Boom I loved was her father’s explanation of death to her–I don’t have the book with me right now, but here’s what I remembered:

“Corrie, when we get on the train station, what happens?”

“You hand me the ticket.”

“And then you get on the train.

“See, when death comes, your Heavenly Father will give you all the courage you need.”

Another bit of wisdom from Harry Potter was when Dumbledore explained that sometimes, a life without love is worse than death. I think that applies to real life: a life without God on our side is worse than death. Some things are worse than death.

Overall, though,  when death comes, God will give you all the courage you need.

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