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Do Quality Work!

Something that may fall in the category of “small sin” might be something like, especially for me, not doing work well.

Doing things that you like aren’t too hard to put effort into.

But cleaning up your room?

Having to make sure every single little scrap of food is out of the sink after cleanup?

That we’re willing to let slide.

After all, what will getting all A’s on algebra help me with? I’m not planning to be a mathematician when I grow up.

When work is boring, unsatisfying, and seemingly futile–that is when we want to give up. We lose hope that a simple thing like putting full effort into doing housecleaning will yield a result that makes us a better person or helps us or others.

However, and as stated in this article, just because we can’t see the immediate benefit of something doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

God has reasons for everything He puts in our lives (even icky trigonometry).

For me, zumba is one thing that I am not always…particularly happy about doing. We do the same songs and moves every week. My mother, however, loves it, so I go along with her.

One particular class was boring. I definitely didn’t work as hard as I should have. I even complained to my friends about it. What was the use of doing slow moves–no, not even moves! Just hand motions!–to a song–not even a song! A slow, meaningless beat!–? A total waste of time. No exercise at all, I grumbled.

After the class, however, I spoke with the instructor. She was greatly encouraged that we showed up and I even got to ask her if I could pray for her. (Remember how I’ve always wanted to do that?) That made my day.

The point is–you don’t know who your work will impact. Sometimes you see the result, and sometimes you don’t see the result, but it’s there. God doesn’t waste anything.

The goal of Satan is to immobilize us. To make us ineffective and unable to share God’s Word and love with anyone, to stop Christianity from spreading and helping many people.
One particular way which he may find easy to immobilize us is in our work. We always have to be watchful, because if there is something that is tempting you not to do your best, not to work wholeheartedly as God wants–pay extra close attention. It might just be that you could achieve something REALLY good through that particular job and Satan wants to stop you.

Satan wants to stop God’s work wherever possible. And if there is a particular temptation for you not to work hard, work double hard. God will use what you do.


Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.


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