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Thoughts on the Heart

I’ve been interested in two things lately. One is the heart.


“As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”

As I read this proverb, I’m trying to think, “What has my life been like?”

I’ve made some pretty bad decisions. Maybe you have too.

The other thing I’ve been interested in is roses. And while this seems like an unlikely comparison, I have noticed that when a rose is in full bloom–very old–then you can see the core of it, what’s inside.

And when a rose is young, it’s tightly furled up so you can’t what is inside of it.

The same way with a heart. When a child is young, you cannot see what is truly in his heart, but as he gets older, the petals fall away to reveal what was truly in his heart all along as he makes choices, little by little, and becomes set in those choices, and by the end, we can truly see his heart reflected in his life.

That’s why choices are so important. Making the right choice now helps push you a little bit towards good, as you will become set in your ways. 

What is done, cannot be undone.


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