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Small Things Part 2

The same way Satan tells us that small sins don’t matter, he might also tell us that small good things don’t matter.

Small ways we can obey God.

Small ways we can serve others.
“No!” He tells us. “It doesn’t matter. No one will notice you! No one cares! It won’t even help anyone!”

Don’t listen to that.
Has it ever occured to you that our entire universe is made up of small things?


They’re not just small. They’re so small that we can’t see them or hear them. We wouldn’t even be aware that they exist.

But without atoms, we wouldn’t be here.

This illustrates Point 1:

The worth of something doesn’t depend on whether people can see it or not.

People, remember, are not God.

And just because a person can’t see something doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from it.
Do you know the person who hand stitched your shirt today? Probably not, but you still benefit from what they did, right?

The second Point is that if you get used to doing small good things, doing big good things will not only come easier to you, but all the small things that you do will add up to something big.

Everything you did for God, everything you thought no one appreciated, things even you might have forgotten about–He remembers.

He doesn’t forget a single sparrow, how much less us?

And the third, and perhaps most important–

remember the Pharisees?

They did “good” things. And everyone saw all the “good” things they did and respected and revered them and considered them role models and holy men. Everyone approved of them.

Everyone except Jesus, who is the Only person whose opinion matters.

If you’re sad about doing good things because you think no one will appreciate them or see them, think again. The Pharisees, who did “good” things that everyone saw and appreciated, were actually the ones in the wrong.

Doing small good things that no one sees actually helps us. We become more humble. We work for God and not men, and isn’t that the point?

If we base our joy in doing our small good things on the fact that people see and praise us, we lower our standards to serve men and not God!

No one likes being the invisible servant, but doing that is what gives God joy. We can also know that anything we do that honors Him, however small or unseen, we are doing it for God and not for man. We are not being like the Pharisees.

Many people want to do the big, good things that are lauded and praised and admired.

Few people can do the small, good things that are unseen, unappreciated, and unadmired.

Don’t fall into Satan’s trick of bringing you off the path by telling you small good things don’t matter. You matter.

And you matter so much that God doesn’t just hang back and tell you that it’s fine to do whatever small sins you want…

…and it doesn’t matter to do whatever small good things you feel like no one will notice.

He wants to set you on a path of doing the righteous thing, always the righteous thing, whether that is small or big. Something does not have to be seen to be considered true righteousness.


Good Thingsomething done, however small, for God’s glory and honor and praise and abiding by the principles of His Word.

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