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How To Be Like Lady Galadriel

Random fun post: How to be like Lady Galadriel!

I’ve been rewatching the Lord of the Rings series and one thing that really stands out to me is how beautiful and stately and graceful Lady Galadriel is. Here are some tips to help you look like her…

  1. Always stand up straight. Note how ramrod straight her back always is. How she always lifts her chin and never slouches or has her shoulders curl forward. Whether standing, sitting or walking she always acts as though she is being pulled upward by a string (description from Jean Butler.) So she has a dancer’s posle.
  2. Walk slowly. She does not storm around or make heavy, loud footfalls. Control and steadiness are key.
  3. Lots of silver. Her jewelry choices would seem to lean towards very light silver and delicate designs like chain and bangles. If silver doesn’t work on your skin tone, try light gold.
  4. Long, flowing clothes; skirts and long dresses are a particular favorite of hers–fabrics like silk and chiffon and soft colors, like almost white pale blue, silver or green would go well with that choice in dress.
  5. Use makeup to add shimmer. Something about her reminds me of the shimmering moon. The point is that she is supposed to naturally exude power and otherworldliness, so don’t overdo it. Lip gloss, highlighter, and shimmery pearl eyeshadows should get the job done.


As writers, we can also take notes: What are steps we can do to create characters as easy to visually imagine as Galadriel? Appearance is an important factor in creating characters and how they look can tell us a lot about what they are like. Remember how I gave tips on the makeup, jewelry, clothing/fabrics and colors? Think about which types of those would represent a character you are working on right now.

In fact, Galadriel had possession of the ring Nenya, which symbolized water. Note how her fluid movements reflect the purity and beauty of water. Is there an element you can think of to inspire the character of one of your characters?

Stay Inspired!


Photos: YouTube, themakeupgallery


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