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Always Do The Hard Thing

At certain points in life we are faced with the choice of doing the hard thing or doing the convenient thing.

I remember a few days ago I was in a situation like this. My friends had lent me a disk of theirs with some software on it I could download to my computer. I downloaded it and told my mother in exuberant joy.

“Did you know that’s illegal?” she said.

My bubble burst. “Really illegal?”

“No one will find out. But it’s still illegal.”

And here I was faced with a choice. Do the hard thing and uninstall the software, or keep it because no one would find out?

Maybe I’m dramatizing this too much. But I remember one thing Rachel Joy Scott, victim of the Columbine shooting, said…

“If following God were easy, people would do it, not because they loved Him but because it was easy.”

The choice was clear. Are you facing a difficult choice now? Pay attention to the small temptations, because if we don’t resist them, it’s harder to resist big temptations.

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