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The David vs. Goliath Thing

I’ve always heard the thing of “You’re David, and this big problem you’re facing is Goliath.”

And while I’m sure that may be true in a way, I don’t quite feel like that’s fully true. I’ve also heard the “David is Jesus and Goliath is the sin problem” and while I’m sure that too could be true, it doesn’t seem fully true either.

I did have an experience yesterday that kind of taught me about what the David vs. Goliath really meant. I was in Walmart and I came across these sketchy looking high school kids. They were that type of creepy that whenever you quickly rushed down one aisle to escape them, they mysteriously appeared right in that aisle. This seems extremely paranoid, but I. Was. Terrified.

I don’t know why those kids were following me around, but while I was looking for what I wanted, I remembered how my dad had told me about this one man who had brought many people to Christianity. He simply would walk up to random people and say:

“Excuse me, but did you know there’s a God and one day you’ll stand in judgement before Him? Just thought I’d put that out there. Have a great day!”

I had this opportunity. I could have said those words to them. I could have made them think of God.

But here’s the thing:

I can’t do that.

What I do is strategize the best ways to defeat people in a fight, not tell them about God. It’s God who works through me to bring about the Gospel and bring people to Jesus.

It’s not me.

It’s Him–

through me.

I can do nothing without Him.

This is true of me, of you, of all of us. We must understand that we may do nothing without God, but instead be reliant on Him.

Stay Inspired!

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