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What To Do When You’re Uninspired

We all know the feeling. That homework that we have to finish. The story that we want to complete. The article we need to write. (Hint hint.)

There is nothing more infuriating that you have so much to do and a drought of inspiration. So here’s five tips I’ve found to combat uninspiration.

1. Take a walk. I’ve always found that strolling in nature helps me to fight writer’s block and come up with new ideas. Perhaps if you’re feeling particularly uninspired, it might help to pay close attention to the detail of something otherwise ordinary….like a leaf. Notice how the veins of the leaf thread through it, and observe the vibrant color. Little details like this help to inspire me. The Creation is truly magnificent and a never ending source of inspiration.

2. Read good books. Sometimes when you’re dry on creativity, you should just sit down and start reading a book full of fantasy, or hope, or encouragement. A good book full of hope and encouragement is The Bible. Read the Proverbs or the Psalms or your favorite chapters. CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien have published works full of fantasy and imagination. There are also many poems about nature and other things that are beautifully described.

3. Flip through a magazine. Magazines have a different kind of inspiration than books, because the inspiration of a magazine is more visual, and a book is more intellectual.  If you’re looking for a visual inspiration, this might be a good route to take. However, some magazines can be intellectually beneficial with thought provoking articles; one that I like is Girlz4Christ.

4. DON’T overwork yourself. I used to be obsessed with planning (pretend) weddings. I’d collect magazines, books, photographs, and all kinds of ideas–and my inspiration fizzled out as soon as it sparked. So when you have a job like writing an article on a certain subject or making a video on a certain subject, don’t over obsess or your inspiration will probably tank.

5. Stay off social media. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail…all of these are vying for my attention and constantly pull me off course. When you come back from stalking a friend’s Instagram, you’re probably far less focused than when you started and it’s harder to get back on course.

All this said…Stay Inspired!

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